Residential Guide to H.A.R.B.


HARB Meetings:
When: 1st Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 PM
Where: Borough Hall, 114 East Maple Ave
Chairman: Robert Wharton: 215-752-2079

Board Members:

  • Robert Wharton, Chairperson
  • Anthony Marfia, Member & Council Liaison
  • David Kaiser
  • Keith DeVore
  • George Sengpiel, Jr.
  • Barry Truchil
  • Kirt Niedrist
  • Amy Mladjen
  • Randolph Ayers

Please note that property owners submitting an application to HARB need to attend the HARB meeting where their application will be addressed. HARB meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at Borough Hall at 7:00pm.

HARB Application

Also please review the Resident’s guide to HARB

Residential Guide to H.A.R.B.

Thank you to all who attended the HARB Informational Evening . If you have any more questions about HARB or the proposed expansion of the historic district you can address them to the Borough office and they will forward to the appropriate committee.



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