Route 1 Project-

Section RC3 – U.S. 1 Improvements Project (

PennDOT is completing preliminary analysis work on the changes to the part of US1 that passes through Langhorne Borough.  This project is known as Section RC3. The changes they are planning will have a great impact on our community and the traffic in Langhorne Borough.

PennDOT has posted a video explaining their preliminary planned improvements and asks the public to view and submit comments.  The video may be viewed at Section RC3 – U.S. 1 Improvements Project ( A comment form is provided to provide your feedback regarding this project.  The video presentation will only be available until July 2.

Borough Council encourages you to view the video and offer your comments to PennDOT. There is limited time to make comments so please forward your thoughts to them.

Thank you.

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